Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Marlow Veterinary Clinic was started by Dr. Lyndon and Debbie Graf.  Dr. Tristan Graf and his wife, Dr. Kathy, just joined the team in July, 2011.

Consult Room

The consult room provides a quiet place to discuss your pet's treatment plan.

Coffee Bar

You can wait for your pet in comfort at the coffee bar.

Dental X-ray

We now of state-of-the-art dental equipment, including digital dental x-ray.  We believe that a thorough dental examination must include dental x-rays.

Dental X-rays

Pistol is getting dental x-rays as part of his yearly dental exam + cleaning.

Dr. Tristan

Dr. Tristan with one of our "not-so-large" large animals!

Who doesn't love a pile of kittens?


This puppy had parvovirus and was successfully treated at MVC.


Dr. Lyndon and Dr. Tristan perform surgery on a dog with bladder stones.

Treatment Area

This is the treatment area of the clinic.


We have to ability to perform bloodwork in the clinic for rapid results.


Debbie makes sure that everyone is spoiled while they stay in luxury boarding.

Luxury Boarding Suites

Your pet would LOVE to board in style by staying in our luxury suites! 

Luxury Boarding

Princess loves luxury boarding!

Cat Condos


We provide full grooming services to keep your pet looking great!

This calf was just born this morning and is resting after getting a big bottle of milk!


We even see miniature donkeys!

Equine Care

We are able to treat and hospitalize horses, too.

Large Animal Care

We have the facilities to treat a large number of cattle, in addition to our small animal patients.


We treat some very big patients!

Large Animal

Cattle are a common site at MVC

This is a baby calf that was hospitalized at just a few days of age.

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete loves coming to work with Dr. Tristan each day, but would LOVE to be out greeting new patients!

Mr. Tom in a basket

Mr. Tom finds a comfortable spot in the sun!